ℒ. xvii

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Masks by Alex Vasilikos

Oct 19 +998

No one will forget me. Not my look, not my name. Katniss. The girl who was on fire.

[People say they love to see your dance moves] // “Are you serious? Do ‘they love’ mean they’re like ‘That’s so lame. Look at her still doing that’?”

we’re gonna be weird adults

Oct 18 +432375
Wonderingly, I lift my long, flowing sleeves into the air, and that’s when I see myself on the television screen. Clothed in black except for the white patches on my sleeves. Or should I say my wings. Because Cinna has turned me into a mockingjay.
Oct 18 +4860
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i’m in friend love with all of you

Oct 18 +371141